Wednesday, March 5, 2008

> Get $10 Just To Sign-up.(My Making Money)

About Company . My Making Money

We are willing to pay you to be a part of it. You will tell us what you would be interested in purchasing and we will pay you a portion of the money that the vendor pays us to send it to you.

What you GET!! You get $10 just for registering with us!! You GET 2 cents for every email that you read!! You GET 1 cent for every email that your referrals read!!! You GET 1 cent for every email that THEIR referrals Read!!! Periodically you are entered into a drawing and get 10% of the advertising fees!!! That is what YOU GET !!

As an advertiser, you have a captive audience that has stated they are interested in what you have to offer.

As a member, you have the best of both worlds. Many advertisers will offer you free merchandise or coupons, we will pay you for reading the advertisement


  • You get 10$ just to be a member, and these money will be included in your first check !
  • You get 2¢ for every mail you read
  • You also get 1¢ for every mail your referrals reads, and
  • 1¢ from their referrals again !
  • One of the members will from time to time receive about 10% from all advertising income...
Payment when you reach 25$. This will be sent every quartal.

My experienced:

Just started to use this program, but it looks like it works all right. I specially like the 10$ signup bonus. Gives you a great start doesn't it ?? I also like that you get info on when you have been on the advertisers page long enough to be counted: You receive the mail, click on the link. This opens a window, devided in two. Topframe is from Hits4pay, containing a banner and the message "wait until your account has been validated". when you have stayed long enough, the text changes and now it says: "your account has been validated". Nice !!

You also get 2 level with referrals, which increase your chance of making more money...

What you can make:

This example has the following criteria:

  • 1 person (you) reading mail, average of the number received above
  • 10 referrals, reading the same amount as you do
  • 30 sub-referrals, reading the same amount as you.
  • They have two referrals each, this makes 60 in your 3.level !!
You will make 40,32$ per year !

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By: My Making Money