Monday, April 7, 2008


Definition of a Money Making Web Site(My Making Money)

My Making Money By Daniel Tan

A money making web site is a virtual page hosted on web servers containing a specific group of information that people are looking for and willing to spend money on. Often people will create money making websites in order to generate income from the comfort of their own home. All money making websites have one thing in common, and that is to make money for their owners. The difference between a normal website and a money making website can be told by its appearance. Normally a website will not contain any ads or require any of your information. Money making websites, on the other hand, commonly requires that their visitors purchase a product or service and has advertisements that usually require personal details, such as name and email.

For money making websites, money is generated from product/service sales and advertisement revenues. But it totally depends on how the owner operates his or her money making website. Different products and services require different approaches. Some money making websites promote a product or service directly. Some money making websites collect their visitor’s details and slowly sell their product or service through email. Some money making websites provide information for free but generate money from advertisers.

Overall a money making website should look simple and plain. It should not contain too many fancy animations and/or graphics. It should be informative and easy to read. It shouldn’t have too many advertisements. It shouldn’t promote too many products.

Daniel Tan is the founder of Money Methodology ( and editor of his ‘Online Guide to Financial Freedom’ newsletter where he shares proven methods to on making it big online.

My Making Money


Tips To Making An Income Online Residual(My Making Money)

My Making Money By Frank Lawson

Secrets to Making money on the internet is the tool you need to start a business that will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all over the world. The key to making a residual income on the internet is a question of using a system that works. The quickest way to start making money on the Internet is to promote someone else's web site, products, or services. Another way of making money on the Internet is, by working on home-based business opportunities. Making money on the internet is for every body.

The next challenge to making a residual income online is finding those affiliate programs that offer an unlimited earning potential. This is a MUST read if you are serious about making a residual income online, there are many ways of "Making A Residual Income Online" but one of the easiest is in the industry of travel.

Making money on the Internet is not just a case of owning a website and selling your product but by marketing and exposing your website to the right people that are looking for what you have to offer. Making money on the Internet is no longer something reserved for a very small and elusive crowd and is not for the faint at heart and is going to require work and persistence. Of course, making money on the internet is possible, but not in the ways that you are likely to be told. And that's what making money on the internet is all about - It's a matter of seeing the opportunity, seizing it, and taking action.

You can make the online income residual you desire if you have the right opportunity, the right support group and the marketing system. Along with perseverance you can do only you have committed in your heart to do.

My Making Money