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Making Money from the Internet.

By Chris Wells
My Making Money

Making money from the internet is really not that hard IF you know what to do and when to do it. Finding the right Internet business for you may take some trial and error.

If you are a skeptic, perhaps starting out to prove whether or not you can do it is a good place to begin. Your experiment will more than likely end up making you some money.

The first and most important element of making money from the Internet is your mindset when you start out.

Half-hearted efforts will not yield results worth noting. You must treat your online business like any business if you are to see results and succeed in making money from the Internet.

There are many business models that work online. Many people start out in what is called affiliate marketing because it virtually assures making money on the Internet.

Once you experience the thrill of making money from the Internet as a result of your marketing efforts, your life will never be the same. Many have gone before you and built a full-time income by doing affiliate marketing.

A word of caution: There are so many products online about making money from the Internet it is easy to become overwhelmed with information overload.

Oftentimes, people get so wrapped up in analyzing the available options that they never do anything--paralysis by analysis!

Or, they hop from one program to another. Every time the latest product hits the market, they are off to try the new program. They don't stay with one program long enough to get results. These people spend a lot of money on products without ever making any money.

The best way to assure making money from the Internet is to select a proven program and focus on working it exclusively until you get results. Once you see it is a genuine way of making money on the Internet, you can then expand your efforts to grow your business.

Use two or three methods of advertising your business so that your cumulative efforts will snowball into making money from the Internet more quickly.

In the beginning, make a plan and stick to it until you see results. After you start making money from the Internet, you may want to expand into other areas of commerce online and pursue joint ventures with other business owners.

The most important thing is to take action soon so that you can be making money from the Internet sooner rather than later.

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Blogging and get paid with Smorty.

My Making Money.
Are you willing to monetize your blog more and earn more money from it? Today I’m going to introduce blog advertising program Smorty, where you will be paid for whatever you have been doing so far i.e. blogging.

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

With this kind of advertising program, advertisers will be able to get thousands of quality links from the blogs of their niche and thus will be able to bring lots of traffic as well as higher page rank for their websites. And bloggers will have lots of money making opportunities by reviewing advertiser’s websites.

So it’s a win-win kind of situation for both the bloggers and the advertisers.

To start making money with Smorty, one need to have a blog of his/her own. If you don’t have a blog, create on at for free. Once you have a blog, you can submit your blog for approval on smorty There are some basic rules that your blog must abide by for getting approval here.

  • Your blog must be index by Google and Yahoo search engines

  • Blog must be 3 months old at least

  • Must not contain adult, hated or violated content

  • Blog must be in active stage and should have 2 posts per week on average

  • No duplicate posts

Once your blog is approved here on Smorty, you are ready to write reviews about various products, services and sites that comes your way. Bloggers can earn five dollars to hundreds of dollars per review. The amount of money that you earn for each paid review depends upon your blog page rank, alexa ranking, average number of visitors and the number of subscribers your blog have.

A blog with higher page rank as 5 or so will get opportunities from $50 to $200. And a blog with lower Page rank will be making lesser amount of money per review as compared to the high pr blogs.

Increase page rank and Traffic

In Smorty, there is a Post Exchange program where you the bloggers can exchange posts with the bloggers as per their niche and per their Smorty rankings. For every post that writes for other bloggers, a different writer of your niche and of similar rankings will write a post about your blog. So this is something sponsored post kind of idea but it’s free as you are going to write a post in response to a post for your blog. This is one is to one situation. This way you will be sharing traffic with the bloggers of your niche. It will help you get more traffic from search engines and will also help you better page rank as a result of free links from other blogs of your area.

Payments system

Payments at Smorty are made on weekly basis. The only payment method available here is Paypal. If you don’t have a paypal account, open one Paypal account today as it will not take more than five minutes for you to open a new account.

So if you a re interested in making money for blogging, then do sign up at Smorty, submit your blog and let the websites, products or services review related opportunities come your way.

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Free Upload Hosting And Earn With

How works ?

My Making Money. provides you 100% Free File hosting solution with just one click. Its fast and easy.Only people knowing the exact download URL are able to download your file. Your file will be deleted when it has not been accessed for more than 90 days or you use your delete option.

Select a file to send by clicking the "Browse" button. You can then select photos, audio, video, documents or anything else you want to send. The maximum file size is 200 MB.You may choose whom you want to send a file to. If you submit your friends email addresses, Ziddu will send the file to your friends. If you just want to get the link to your file stored on our server, simply copy the link and share with your friends.


You will get $0.001 for each Unique download.Redeemed cash will be transfered via PayPal or Moneybookers once it reaches $10.

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