Friday, March 14, 2008

Get Paid To Search.(My Making Money

My Making Money.

Anyone heard of mysearchfund? can i really make money? or anyone know any more bout making money online?

I ve found this think were its a search site (or toolbar) and apparently you get paid just for using it to search, its alot like google. does anyone know of it, i heard you get paid 0.06c per search? or does anyone know of any other way to make some money from home without having to come up with cash first.
heres the site add

Who are My Search Funds?

We are a privately owned commercial organization called Vine On Line Limited registered in England & Wales:
Company number 5955358

Registered office Unit 1A, Wrexham Enterprise Park, Ash Road North, Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham LL13 9JT

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of a privately owned company Alpexus Ltd, a web marketing company formed in 2004.

What is the company's background?

Initially Alpexus Ltd helped charities sell items on eBay but like any good company its services evolved by listening to and continuing to listen to, its clients' needs.

Our sister company, HomePages Friends' service had evolved into helping any 3rd sector organisation or fundraising organisation to raise money online. Vine was developed to extend these services further into the private and public sector.

Via our relationship with the internationally recognised search engine, and agreements with a number of other well known internet services such as eBay, we enable fundraising organisations to obtain a share of the advertising revenue generated when these services are used via our agreements

What does your organisation hope to achieve for its Customers?

At the heart of our corporate strategy is our commitment to assisting organisations and individuals take advantage of the many opportunities the internet brings to online income generation and to assist them in the achievement of their fund raising goals.

Through a thorough understanding of the goals and objectives of our clients online fundraising activities we will, in partnership, develop relevant and dedicated internet services that fully support our clients objectives.

For the individual seeking to raise personal funds we have developed the My Search Funds service as a clear and effective method.

By : My Making Money


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